Birth Injuries

Birth injury cases are always gut-wrenching and tragic. When babies are born with birth injuries, there are critical steps which must be taken as soon as possible. The medical records including FHT’s must be reviewed by medical experts and damage experts must be retained to testify about future needs. We have obtained multiple seven and eight figure settlements and jury verdicts in claims involving BD and other catastrophic injuries; we know what work has to be done to get you from the starting gate to the finish line so you can receive all of the medical care and financial support in the future.

Having a proven track record of successfully prosecuting numerous birth injury cases, we understand the medical and legal issues that arise at every stage of the litigation process.

Our goal is to make sure that the family, and, most importantly the innocent victim child, has the money for future medical care and the highest quality of life possible. It is with sincere empathy and personal fulfillment that we prosecute these cases and change the lives of the severely impacted families.

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