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Professional negligence such as legal malpractice can arise at any time when an individual or business suffers damages because a professional that they hired was negligent or careless in providing their services. Negligence in this context is defined as the performing of services in a manner that is lower than the acceptable standard in the applicable area of profession.

Legal Malpractice is one type of professional negligence. Legal malpractice involves any negligent or wrongful act committed by an attorney that causes damages to his or her client. Legal malpractice can occur in any area of the law.

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Examples of Legal Malpractice:

  • a case is dismissed because the lawyer failed to properly pursue the case
  • the attorney failed to secure witnesses and experts for the case
  • the attorney failed to act before a statute of limitations or calendar deadline
  • the attorney forced settlement in a case for any reason that unjustly harmed the client
  • any other failures or errors that result in damages.

In professional negligence cases, it is important to hire a qualified legal malpractice attorney who can confidently handle your case and is not intimidated by the prospect of going to trial against another attorney or any other professional.

In claims involving legal malpractice, you must hire the right attorney who is able to assess and address all of the important considerations which arise when representing clients who have experienced legal malpractice. To determine the right damages and the maximum compensation you are entitled to, you need attorneys who are experienced in understanding the nature and extent of the injuries and resulting damages. Our experienced legal malpractice attorneys are able to review your documentation, hire the right legal experts who will successfully testify about your legal malpractice case, how it was caused and the detrimental effects on your life.

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